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Our Gift . Your Choice of Bag for FREE

We believe in GENUINE ART OF GIFTING (and giving) You and your friends can get a chance to win your own choice of bag ( yes, a genuine gift from us to appreciate your support )! Register by clicking the red tab at our website . You will receive a confirmation email, where you can reply and tell us your inspirational stories - for us to share your positive vibes with our tribe to welcome the exciting 2017. The best ones will be selected and notified via email. There will be a total of 5 bags to be given away, and winners will also get their personalised lifetime US$50 discount code. Share the love with the people you care about by clicking the "share buttons"...

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3 Tips for Choosing The Best Gifts for your loved ones

Looking for the best gift ideas? GLUSH/ Free Gift Wraps in silver With our friends frequently asking us for gift ideas (near Christmas time especially), we thought we should share a few tips here for you, in case you or people around you need some inspirations.   1. Think about their hobbies, don't generalise Everyone loves gifts, but not every single gift connects to the heart. The worst scenario is giving a gift to someone you care about while getting a fake smile back. If you don't want that to happen, make sure you get to chat with your loved ones or anyone you are gifting to about their hobbies, their happenings in life, and their dreams. You will definitely get a lot...

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