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3 Tips for Choosing The Best Gifts for your loved ones

Looking for the best gift ideas?

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With our friends frequently asking us for gift ideas (near Christmas time especially), we thought we should share a few tips here for you, in case you or people around you need some inspirations.


1. Think about their hobbies, don't generalise

Everyone loves gifts, but not every single gift connects to the heart. The worst scenario is giving a gift to someone you care about while getting a fake smile back. If you don't want that to happen, make sure you get to chat with your loved ones or anyone you are gifting to about their hobbies, their happenings in life, and their dreams. You will definitely get a lot of hints and ideas from these conversations, on top of showing your care to them.

Don't ever generalise all ladies that they all love pink, makeup, or funky heels. Each individual is unique, and you can show your respect via gifting!


2. Never buy anything with an Amazon gift wrap

Amazon is great for last minute gifts as they provide a wide range of products, sends directly across the globe to your loved ones, while providing paid gift wrap services. But hey, what would you feel if you receive a dull and generic semi-transparent dark blue organza gift bag with a ribbon and an upside-down printed message card with a humongous Amazon logo printed on top? Completely heartless.

If you wonder what the unboxing looks like, check this review on their gift wraps


3. Experience the joy 

Does he or she fancy traveling or any kinds of adventures? Experience means inspirations, and very often, these memories are long-lasting and priceless. We are all in for that. The best gifts (in our views) are a combination of a physical product (so that they can use immediately and have something to unbox for Xmas or their birthday) and an experience. For instance, a travel bag with a short weekend trip/outing together, for those who love to travel. Perhaps creating opportunities for family and friends getting together is a warmer theme for gifts?



Getaway Ideas

A few short trip ideas on our travel blog here, including places in Thailand, Japan, France, Spain, Morocco and many more coming up - you will get some inspirations no matter where you are located in the globe. 

Gifts Accompanying these Ideas

We are here to help! If you want to pick our brains, or need someone to help design a personalised card for your awesome gifts, let us know - we can provide free advice if you decide on any purchases on our website =)

Grace xx


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