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Our Gift . Your Choice of Bag for FREE

We believe in GENUINE ART OF GIFTING (and giving)

You and your friends can get a chance to win your own choice of bag ( yes, a genuine gift from us to appreciate your support )! Register by clicking the red tab at our website . You will receive a confirmation email, where you can reply and tell us your inspirational stories - for us to share your positive vibes with our tribe to welcome the exciting 2017. The best ones will be selected and notified via email.

There will be a total of 5 bags to be given away, and winners will also get their personalised lifetime US$50 discount code.

Share the love with the people you care about by clicking the "share buttons" below... when is a better time than this?!
We are here to take the first step to give, and hope you will do the same! 

*Submission deadline: 24th Dec 2016


With Love and a wish to spread some,

Grace xx

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