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8 days until 2017

Are you ready to take on a challenge in 2017?

Only 2 days left until Christmas - Wish you all a warm and happy one!

I'd like to give a hearty BIG THANKS to you, you, and you, for being there supporting GLUSH/ along the way. I have had an exciting year - a lot of challenges, some unexpected and undesired and some vice versa. Especially these vice versae made my year! 

Time flies, but we can count down slowly for the last 8 days before 2017 and achieve more than we thought we could. A bunch of new products like yoga mats, beach towels, swimsuits, and even shoes were added to the collection in less than 2 weeks of development. See photo below... Not bad, right?

Wish you all a wonderful adventure in 2017, and make the most out of your every day! 

Love and Best Wishes,
Grace xx

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