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8 Secrets To Keep Yourself From Overpacking Again

You don't need to bring everything for your holiday

Travel light - questions to ask yourself when you pack

Yes we understand, packing for vacations is always too exciting that we all have made the same mistake - overpacking! But there are a few questions we can ask ourselves while choosing what to put into the bag... see below (you might want to print it out and stick it permanently inside your luggage:

1. Can I wear this more than once?

2. Could I walk in these shoes for a mile?

3. Do I ever wear this at home?

4. When and where will I wear this?

5. Can I do laundry during the trip?

6. Will I be seriously upset if this gets lost or stolen?

7. Is this really appropriate for my destination's dress code, religion, and weather?

8. Would this item need extra care for cleaning or protection?

Remember, vacations should be enjoyable, not stressful over unnecessary things. Plan ahead and travel light luggage-wise and mind-wise! Bon Voyage!

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