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9 Simple Steps to Keep Your Electronic Travel-Safe

How to travel with your laptops and work gadgets

Everybody travels with electronics, at least your smart phone, and maybe your laptop or iPad. We will surely be paralysed if we lost or break any of them. This quick guide below will help you keep them safe in a few easy steps:



  • Get it in a padded case, keep the scratches and shocks away
  • Need to be on the go with work? Keep your charger, cables, and USBs all in one laptop case like this one . See video above for a demo of it.
  • Having a bag or backpack with a padded laptop compartment is the best for protecting your oh-so-important device. 
  • Clean your laptop and laptop case with notebook cleaning wet wipes when you’ve cleared security – the same trays are used for shoes.


  • Bring an eReader OR a full tablet (iPad). There’s no need for both. Especially if you’re packing a laptop.
  • You’ll want a case for your tablet as well, or at least put each of them in a pouch like this one.


  • As mentioned, laptop chargers can go with the laptop in these covers, along with all laptop-related accessories.
  • Keep all your headphones and other small electronics (i.e. extra phone battery) in a small pouch.
  • Always keep this pouch in your daily bag, as you might need extra phone charging battery especially when you travel

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