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7 Ways to Organise Your Bag

Keep your bag organised with these simple steps

We understand... keeping our day-to-day bags organised doesn't sound easy, but we can break it down for you. There are 7 convenient ways to do it!

1. Separate items by category, containerize

Separating all the junk you carry around might sound like a waste of time, but it really works. This is one of the best things I have learned about organising my bagPlacing items in separate bags or cases inside your purse keeps things a lot more orderly. I keep all of my my cosmetics in one pouch, and my money, debit, and credit cards in a different pouch, and coupons, gift cards in a separate pouch. This helps when I am looking for something particular, like a pen. I don’t have to stick my hand in the bottom of my purse and hope for the best. I know where the pens are located and can go directly to that pouch. This saves time and frustration. Get your pouch and be organised here.

2. Essential items all in a small clutch / crossbody bag

I mentioned above that I have a money and cards pouch, I basically put my wallet and other essentials like keys, phone, pen...etc all in this small crossbody bag within my big tote. Use it as an additional inner compartment in the tote, with top zip open for easy access. This is my little trick as I used to be a PR organising events which made me have to rush and run around places. I have little access to my big bag all the time, but I can always grab my small crossbody bag and have it with me. It is also a good idea if you go on a trip, as you have all your important stuff close to you - never leave this bag on the floor. 

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3Have a system for receipts

Receipts are the number one thing that create clutter in many people's bags. It is a never ending battle that most of us have to face daily. I now have a system for receipts, though, that has helped with this issue. I have a specific pouch in my purse where I place receipts. Once I get home from an outting or when I clean out my purse once a week, I take all of the receipts out of the compartment and place them in my receipt file.

Having a pouch in my purse specifically for receipts helps keep the rest of my purse tidy.

4. Get a laptop bag with secure pockets

I have heard a lot of complaints that laptop bags are not catered for real business people, as they only serves as the padded covers and nothing else. Because I'm one of those complainers, I have designed one with extra compartments for other laptop accessories like chargers, USB cable, and USBs...etc. This bag helps you with better catergorizing gadget items and you can easily grab your laptop with all the work essentials in one go. What's more, it can keep your day-to-day bag organised! Get your laptop bag here.

5. Car supply kit

Don't forget your gloves compartment in your car is very useful! If you drive (or being driven) to work every day, you can place a kit of your non-essentials like hand cream and sunglasses for just the daily travel journey. 

6. Make use of all internal compartments

Compartments in your bags are the offers from designers to help you keep yourself organised - so don't waste them. Make use of all of them and decide which one to put what, starting from the easiest accessible one for your most-used items.

7. Clean out every week

It's always a good idea to empty your daily bag and clean up every week (if not every day). Pick a fixed date like Saturday morning to clear up your work stuff, and welcome the weekend. 

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That's it! It won't take up more than an hour to do these steps - HELLO ORGANISED BAG! If you want more personal tips from me, drop me a line below this post!

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