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Top 5 Airbnb Lofts in Tokyo

Best design lofts for your next trip to Asia


There are thousands of hidden gems on Airbnb, and while I was doing my research for my Tokyo trip, I've found these ones. Although they are all booked up for the dates I wanted, I have decided to keep my journal public for myself to refer to, when I need them for my next trip. If any of you have tried these, please do let me know your experiences!

Below US$150

1. Kyodo House in Setagaya (2 guests)

Japanese studios Sandwich and Team Low-Energy used three truckloads of timber to create the sculptural facade of this house that also boasts a two-storey-high library and an indoor swing (see above photo slide). It might look expensive to stay in, but it is only costing US$100 per night. This is on the top of my to-stay list!

2. A loft near Harajuku (2 guests)

Minimal Japanese style loft with natural light, perfect for 2.

3. Concrete loft in Omotesando (2 guests)

This loft is quite a masculine one. Very open, with an open bath tub in the centre of the studio, just a few steps up. The kitchen is an industrial one, would be nice to invite a few friends for drinks and dinner.

Below US$300

1. A loft near Roppongi (2 guests)

This one is almost in a setting for movie-lovers. And yes, the host does keep a lot of DVDs and vinyls with proper players in it.

2. Japanese Tea Room near Shibuya (2 guests)

This is quite a dramatic one, good for those who love traditional Japanese setting with a modern twist. A special tea room (inside those blinds in the middle of the room) is set for you to meditate, or perhaps play hide-and-seek in costumes.

Other Alternatives

1. Caravan near Omotesando (1 guest)

This is one fun thing to try in Japan! You get to use a shared office with wifi if you stay in this place. The van is parked in a fixed spot and you won't be able to drive it around though.

(photo credits to Airbnb)

What are your personal favourite Airbnb apartments?


Grace xx

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